Taping Pug Ears

You will need:
  1. Pug with badly folding ears
  2. Human to hold Pug (optional but helps)
  3. About 3-4 inch length of half inch wide adhesive tape

ear line Looking at the Pug ear from the front draw an imaginary straight line from the tip of the ear up (Image 1) and fold the ear along this line, fur to fur. Attach one end of tape to the skin side of the ear and wrap around the folded ear several times. Since the ear has a tendency to stick out of the head when first taped, you'll have to adjust it so that the end result looks similar to Image 2 and like the ears on the puppies in Image 3 at the bottom of the page.

end result

Leave tape on for no longer than one week, then carefully cut it along the front where the folded sides meet. Be careful not to cut the ear. Leave tape on, it'll usually fall off in a day or two.

The tape you choose has a great bearing on the success of the procedure. The "ouchless" kind is pretty well useless and falls off almost before it can be applied. I like the cloth tape that is really sticky, either white or the brown stuff. The inside of the ear might become a bit sore, which is the reason the tape should not be left on for more than a week. If the procedure has to be repeated, wait a few weeks.

Instead of tape, some people reportedly use eye lash glue. I have never tried it (I can't find the glue), but it would do some temporary damage to the fur side of the ear (since that is where the glue would go). However, it would be gentler on the skin.

A puppy who is teething (at around 4-5 months) often has flying ears, which correct themselves. This procedure should be done before the pup is six months old if any kind of permanent results are to be expected. After that, correction tends to be temporary (long enough to show the dog).

properly taped ears
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