About This Website

Pug Central was put together to make it easier to find specific information pertaining to Pugs. Whether you are looking for a breeder, a rescue, a club or just want to know what makes this breed tick, Pug Central hopes these pages can be of some assistance to you.

This is primarily a site of links, either to pages at this site or to other Web sites. In putting together these pages, Pug Central has tried to find information that would be pertinent and of use to as many people as possible. In some instances we have reproduced articles with the permission of the author that were published elsewhere. We believe that information helps individuals be better prepared to be owners of any pet.

“An individual without information can't take responsibility. An individual with information can't help but take responsibility.” - Jan Carlzon

Because of the nature of this site, it will likely never be “finished”. There will be new links added and adjusted as available or necessary. We encourage you to check back often.


Breeders, rescue groups and clubs please note

Inclusion in the breeder listings page is not automatic just because you have a web site. You are welcome to submit the URL on our submissions page, but sites will be checked first and determined whether it is appropriate for inclusion. Please note that PugCentral will not list any clearly backyard breeders, sites that wholesale puppies, or breeders whose main motivation is making a fast sale with no regard to the health or conformation of their Pugs.